Northland Assistance Center provides services to men, women, and children who find themselves in emergent financial distress.  Our goal is to serve each person with dignity and compassion until circumstances are improved as a result of our services. 

We acknowledge that we may not have enough resources to assist everyone who requests assistance. However, we resolve to be fair and equitable in our allocation of resources in an effort to prevent homelessness and hunger.  

Beyond providing financial assistance, we commit to excellence in our service by: 

  • Collaborating with individuals to identify strengths and resources in their environment, which may assist them in reaching their goals;
  • Assisting individuals to identify patterns and concerns that may lead to distress;
  • Enhancing individuals’ abilities and opportunities to change and to address their own needs through cultivating problem-solving and empowerment skills; and
  • Partnering with other community programs to provide, address, and coordinate services to meet individuals varied needs.  
We vow to become more aware of the changing demographics in our community and sensitive to circumstances that bring about homelessness or hunger.  We acknowledge our responsibility to advocate for social justice through pursuing social change with, and on behalf of, those we serve. We will collaborate with other agencies to maximize our community’s resources to better support those in need.  

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Northland Assistance Center
2018 Gentry
North Kansas City, MO 64116